Welcome to the homepage of the Astrophysics & Cosmology Research Unit (ACRU), part of the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science and the School of Chemistry & Physics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Our research interests currently 800px-Atacama_cosmology_telescope_tocoinclude both theoretical and observational cosmology, extragalactic astronomy, and modelling of compact objects using general relativity.

ACRU members are involved in the Atacama Cosmology Telescope project; the C-Band All Sky Survey (C-BASS); the Precision Array to Probe the Epoch of Reionization (PAPER); Planck; SPIDER; the South Pole Telescope; the XMM Cluster Survey; and radio surveys due to be carried out with MeerKAT. ACRU will be part of the South African consortium participating in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope project.